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Early-Access build of Xebo; a fast paced action RTS, based on the "capture and occupy" style of games such as Galcon, with a focus on Player Powers.

Both Single-Player, featuring 4 levels of AI to play against and Online Multiplayer modes are available. An observer mode is also included where two AIs battle each other.

Games are short, usually under a couple of minutes, but hectic; demanding quick reflexes and wits.

As mentioned, this is a game in pre-alpha - fully playable, but  a little  rough around the edges, probably with the odd bug here and there, it's fun but stressful - you may yell at your computer :) any feedback, bug reports, ideas would be gratefully received. Hope you get some kicks out of it!

Keyboard controls:

  • Shift-<number> Assign hot key to currently selected building
  • <number> Select building with hotkey
  • Q,W,E,R,F Power hotkeys

Honorable Mentions:

Icons: http://game-icons.net

Music: Gonzalo Varela

Install instructions

Unpack Xebo.zip, run setup.exe.

Your anti-virus software is likely to complain, all assets and code are Microsoft built.


Xebo.zip 8 MB

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